About WiseLink

Since 2010, Wiselink has been providing Internet & telephony solutions to a broad range of companies.

Our current client base consists of small and large enterprises and Growing strongly, the size of our client list is testimony to the value our services offer.

We understand that businesses operate in an ever-changing environment. In order to cater for your specific business and communication requirements, we offer flexible and feature rich IP telephony solutions. This includes IP-based communications, voice termination, wireless and fibre solutions.

Our goal is to offer solutions that literally plug into your business and that make communication really work for you. The objective is to reduce your costs while increasing reliability and uptime.

Meet the Team

Date Joined: 01-02-2000


  • National N Diploma
  • Millwright
  • Electrical Eng
  • Antenna Design
Werner was born in Pretoria Gauteng , and then moved to Newcastle in 1976 , where he attended school at Ferrum and furthered his studies in Electrical Engineering . From a Young age he was interested in Technology and actually Quoted to his Mother – One day we will be able to control things thought the air. Werner has for filled many Roles in the IT Industry and Electrical Field. In 2000 he started with Wireless Internet and from there things just expanded.

“ Live Well , Do Well “

Date Joined: 01-02-2000

Team: All of Them


  • UBWA
Julian was born in Pretoria Gauteng , and moved to Newcastle where he grew up . From a young Age he was helping his Father doing IT Work and learning. In 2000 we started with Wireless Internet as a hobby which has now turned into a Family Owned Business. Julian is very passionate about Technology and always learning about new things to be able to Grow and Help others. Julian has been in the IT Industry for a few years , Working at different places and gained knowledge .

“ Everything in Life Happens for a Reason Good or Bad ”

Date Joined: 01-08-2018

Team: Support & Office


  • N+
  • A+
  • Microsoft Office
  • Molex
Jacques was born in Pretoria Gauteng , moved to KZN in 1976 where he later matriculated at Ferrum High School. Life back then was not as Technological inclined as it is today , but in 1990 he started his IT Career and from there he has for filled many different aspects in the IT Industry. In the last 10 Years he was more involved in Managing and Planning of IT Personnel and 1st Line Support for Clients/Techs. This is what has led him to Wiselink Broadband to further his Career and Help the Company to grow.

“ Life is a Journey enjoy the Ride “


Date Joined: 01-08-2019

Team: Smile & Wave & Accounts 


Yolandi was born in Alberton Gauteng, moved to KZN at the age of 2 and still living in Newcastle. I Attended school at Amajuba High School .I Started working in admin at KC Energy Newcastle, That is where I met Werner and Julian for the 1st time . After the company closed down , I have worked in Different Industries in Admin / Reception field and then this all led me back to Wiselink . I have always been passionate about admin work and strive to better myself.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step “

Date Joined: 01-08-2019

Team: Technical & Support

Wentzel was born in Newcastle KZN, he discovered a passion for IT and Internet…Fresh our of school he now follows his passion for IT and Internet at Wiselink Broadband as a Technician to further his career in the IT Industry.

“The harder you work for something, the greater you will feel when you achieve it“