Do you perform usage based throttling of any kind?

Yes it is Package Dependant

Do you shape traffic?

Yes we do package dependant

What is the Maximum Speed service I can get?

This depends on your distance to the Nearest Wiselink Tower, we will let you know after the site survey has been conducted.

Can I Upgrade or Downgrade my Service?

Yes you can, If you would like to upgrade please check with our support desk first to ensure that your link is capable of the upgraded speed you would like to order, If you would like to downgrade, please contact our support desk to assist with the downgrade, but please keep in mind that we may not allow a downgrade if the service is under a longer term contact.

How can I make payments?

You can use your Card Payments at our Offices , Or do an Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)

How do I know if Wiselink can supply a service in my area?

Firstly, check the coverage map, if you are in a coverage area, then please request a survey

What kind of latency can I expect?

It really depends on where you are going to on the Internet, locally you probably will not see more than 25 to 45ms, 4, internationally into London you will see less than 200ms to 300ms, but to a lonely little island 450km off of the Japanese coast, you will see higher latencies.

Can I watch streaming TV content?

Yes you can, however if you want to make use of HD TV Streaming you probably want at least a 4-6Mbps service.

Can I use Voice over IP?

Yes you can , We offer VoIP Services see our Voip Services Page

Are you currently experiencing any issues?

Check our Network Status Page

Is the service provided with a router?

If you are on a month – month, you will need to buy the router The router provided is a Tenda/TP Link Router

What is the installation turnaround time?

Installation will take place between 1-5 days after confirmed order.

What is my cancellation notice period?

The cancellation notice period is one calendar month

Is my equipment covered for lightning damage?

You will need to cover this as part of your insurance. You will need to purchase a replacement and claim this back from your insurance.

Can I use any router?

You are more than welcome to your own router, but it needs to have a WAN port and support PPPoE. We may not be able to assist you with your router configuration if it is not a router we are familiar with.

Do you have your own speedtest server?

No we Don’t you can use

Who is RMS Powertronics?

RMS Powertronics is our Upstream Provider.

Are you coming to my Town, City, Village soon?

Check our News Page.

What happens if I move house?

You will need to notify Wiselink at least 10 days prior to move and we will conduct a survey at the new premises. If there is need for any additional equipment Client will have to Pay that Extra